Why You Need Wedding Insurance

Since That Spark Events was established in 2016, we have experienced a number of mishaps. We have seen venue fires, hurricanes, destroyed wedding gowns, no show vendors, and even a global pandemic. Wedding insurance is a necessity because even though we don't want you to hope for the worst, we do want you to prepare for it.

There are 2 kinds of wedding insurance: General Liability Insurance and Cancelation Insurance

General liability is basic insurance that protects you from responsibility over any accidents or injuries that occur whether sober or alcohol induced during your ceremony or reception.

Cancelation insurance can be purchased in addition to General Liability and it protects and reimburses all money spent in the event that your wedding cannot take place (unless the reason is simply a change of heart)

We recommend covering your wedding fully with both insurances.

What will it cover?

  • Damages to the venue

  • Cancelation or reschedule as a result of severe weather

  • Flaky vendors who don't show up

  • Illness, injury, or death of essential parties (the couple or some immediate family members)

  • Accidents or injuries that may occur at the wedding

  • Policies may even cover cancelation or reschedule due to Military orders

What will it cost?

  • On average the cost of general liability and cancelation insurance together may be anywhere from $200-500

When should you purchase it?

  • The sooner you get it the better. It will not cover pre-existing circumstances, so if you put the deposit on a venue on Thursday and it burns down on Friday but you planned to get insurance on Saturday, your policy won't cover it.