Wedding Planning Do's and Don'ts


  • Maintain a sense of humor

  • Maintain open communication with your fiancé and with both sets of parents

  • Be receptive to your parents’ ideas, especially if they are financing the wedding

  • Be flexible and keep within your overall budget.

  • Maintain a regular routine of exercise and eat a well-balanced diet

  • When you create your gift registry consider a price range your guests can afford.

  • Break in your shoes well before your wedding day.

  • Practice with make-up and various hairstyles for your wedding day

  • Use highly reviewed, preferred, and/or recommended service providers; Or ask for references.

  • Get all vendor agreements in writing

  • Assign your guests to tables according to age, interests, acquaintances, etc.

  • Discuss prenuptial agreements and/or a will

  • Try to spend a little time with each of your guests and personally thank them for coming to your wedding

  • Encourage intermingling between your families

  • Toast to both of your parents at the rehearsal or reception, and thank them

  • Eat well at the reception especially if you will be drinking alcohol

  • Keep smiling. Photographers will be snapping photos consistently throughout the day/night

  • Expect that something may go wrong. But most likely if something does go wrong, your guests will never notice. Relax and don’t let anything bother you on your big day

  • Send a special gift to your parents such as a small album with the best photos of the wedding. Engrave your names and wedding date on it.


  • Don’t make any major decisions without discussing it openly with your fiancé

  • Don’t be controlling. Be open to the ideas of others. Wedding stress has a way of creating Bride and Groomzillas. But weddings are joyous occasions and you want everyone to share in your joy.

  • Don’t overestimate or overspend your budget, this can cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to hire your service providers. The good ones get booked sometimes a year in advance.

  • Don’t try to make everyone happy. It is impossible and will only make things more difficult

  • Don’t try to impress your friends

  • Don’t invite anyone whose presence may make you or your spouse uncomfortable

  • Don’t rely on friends or family members to photograph or video your wedding. Hire professionals!

  • Don’t assume your service providers know what to do. Give each of them a copy of your detailed timeline

  • Don’t schedule your bachelor or bachelorette party the night before the wedding. Hangovers and weddings don’t mix.

  • Don’t arrive late to the ceremony!

  • Don’t drink too much at the reception, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself on your most special day

  • Don’t rub cake in your spouse’s face during the cake cutting if you know or believe that your spouse may not appreciate it.

  • Don’t allow your guests to drive from the reception if you know they have had too much to drink

  • Don’t overeat at the reception; this may upset your stomach or make your sleepy

  • Don’t leave your reception without saying goodbye to your family and friends

  • Don’t drive if you have had too much to drink at the reception