Top 6 Places to Take Bridal Portraits in Charleston

Showcasing a portrait of the bride at the reception is a classic southern wedding tradition. If you have it in your plans to keep this custom alive for your wedding day there are a few things to keep mind while you prep. For example, it’s a pretty good idea to schedule your hair and make-up trial on the same day as your bridal session; how’s that for smart thinking? Another fun fact: Location is everything! Be sure to choose a place that offers plenty of natural light and a variety of backdrops.

Here are a few of our faves:

1. Magnolia Plantation

Imagine your scenery in the splendor of this romantic garden. It features beautiful cross bridges and nature’s most stunning backdrops.

2. College of Charleston Campus

After 4pm or on a weekend when class is out, this place is a little known best kept secret with its hundred-year-old oaks and romantic walkways. Access the college grounds from George Street, in the area between Coming and St. Phillip.

3. Hampton Park

This community park is rich in history and boasts and extensive collection of roses and floral display.

4. White Point Gardens

Experience the history of Charleston under gorgeous Live Oaks and Antebellum homes; it is a southern gem presenting a beautiful coastal view.

5. Riverfront Park

An amazing view set on the banks of the Cooper River, the park is surrounded by graceful grand oak trees and lovely historic homes once occupied by Naval officers on the old Naval base.

6. Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park

The crown jewel of Mount Pleasant, Memorial Waterfront Park sits just at the base of the Ravenel bridge, and offers full green lawns and marshy landscapes perfect for a romantic photo op.

Note: Some of the above mentioned venues may require a scheduled appointment and/or paid fee.