The Venue's Coordinator vs. a Day of Coordinator

Many couples believe that when they book their venue the venue's coordinator will serve in the same capacity as a day of coordinator. In most cases this is simply untrue. The duties your venue coordinator will fulfill are very different from those your day of coordinator or planner will.

Venue coordinators do not manage weddings they manage venues.

They manage the kitchen and prevent rule breaking, and they may help with a few things here and there such as setting up the tables or making sure your place cards are out. But the biggest takeaway you will need to remember is that your venue coordinator will be looking out for the venue's best interest. Your wedding coordinator will be looking out for YOUR best interest. Here are a few duties that your venue coordinator will not handle:

1. Keeping up with the timeline

2. Directing the rehearsal and ceremony

3. Telling the DJ when to make announcements and when to begin wedding formalities

4. Assisting in gathering important family members for formal portraits

5. Managing the seating arrangement

6. Gathering guests for your sendoff

7. Handing out final balances to vendors

8. Troubleshooting wedding emergencies

9. Making sure your gifts and personal items are packed at then of the night.

10. Creating a master timeline

11. Personalized service and attention

12. First to arrive, last to leave

13. Wardrobe malfunctions

14. Emergency errands

15. Vendor confirmation calls

Now, as a disclaimer all of this is not to say that there may not be a few venues out there offering a real day of coordination service as an add-on. But I will tell you this is rare, rare, rare. It is not a likely thing. So be sure and ask questions and make sure you are getting the dedicated coordinator you need on YOUR behalf.

This couple loves their Charleston day of coordinator, and this coordinator loves her couples! It's a beautiful relationship built on trust.

Photo: Rian Fuller Photography