Questions you Should Absolutely Ask When Selecting a Venue

  1. How many people can this location accommodate for a seated dinner and dance floor?

  2. What is the rental fee and what is included in that price? Is there a discount for booking an off-season date or Sunday through Friday?

  3. How much is the deposit, when is it due, and is it refundable? What’s the payment plan for the entire bill?

  4. Can I hold my ceremony here, too? Is there an additional charge? Is the ceremony site close to the reception site?

  5. Is there a bride’s changing area or bridal suite onsite?

  6. When and how much time is allocated for the rehearsal (if any)?

  7. Is the site handicap accessible? (To be asked if you have guests with mobility issues.)

  8. What’s the cancellation policy?

  9. What’s your weather contingency plan (for outdoor spaces)?

  10. How long will I have use of the event space(s) I reserve? Is there an overtime fee if I stay longer? Is there a minimum or maximum rental time?

  11. Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is?

  12. Are there decoration guidelines/restrictions? Can I use real candles?

  13. What time can my vendors start setting up on the day of the wedding? How early can deliveries be made? How much time will I have for décor setup?

  14. Do you provide a coat check service (especially important for winter weddings)? If not, is there an area that can be used and staffed for that purpose?

  15. Do I have the option of using an off-premise caterer?

  16. If I hire my own caterer, are kitchen facilities available for them?

  17. Are any tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware or glassware provided?

  18. What is the food & beverage minimum (if any)?

  19. Can we do a food tasting prior to finalizing our menu selection? If so, is there an additional charge?

  20. Can I bring in a cake from an off-premise baker? Is there a cake-cutting fee?

  21. Can I bring my own wine, beer or champagne, and is there a corkage fee if I do? Can I bring in other alcohol?

  22. Are there restrictions on what kind of music I can play, or a time by which the music must end? Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band?

  23. Is there parking on site? Is it complimentary? Is there valet parking, and what is the charge? If there is no parking on site, where will my guests park?

  24. Where are the restrooms?

  25. Will there be any security services (ie. An off-duty cop or something)?

  26. Do your require that I purchase liability insurance?

  27. Can I hire my own vendors or must I select from a preferred vendor list?

  28. What overnight accommodations do you provide? Do you offer a discount for booking multiple rooms? Do you provide a complimentary room or upgrade for the newlyweds? What are the nearest hotels to the venue?

  29. Do you have signage or other aids to direct guests to my event?

  30. For outdoor venues, is grass treated for insects and pests before an event, or will you have to make arrangements?

Note: It is a good idea to bring a digital or video camera with you when you visit locations.