How to choose your wedding makeup and hair style

Should you go with a natural look or totally glam? Either way, here are some tips and things to consider that we hope will inspire your wedding day look.

Photo: Madison Perry Photography

When and where are you getting married?

If you have reached this point of your planning, it is likely you have selected a venue already. Take certain cues from your venue to help you decide on a look. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you might go for wavy beach hair and a bronze glow. Or if you have opted for an outdoor venue, then you should consider elements that might alter your look such as humidity. In that case, airbrush makeup and an updo could be your best option. Lighting is also key. If you anticipate that there will be plenty of natural light then a more natural look would work, but in a more dimly lit setting a bolder look might be better.

What is your wedding design and color palette?

Use your wedding colors to inspire your look. For example, if you are going for a simple and clean look with crisp white flowers and Eucalyptus galore, a natural more classic look might fit the bill. If your plans include more over the top designs with bright colors and big florals, add a little drama to your hair and makeup as well.

Photo: Southern Tide Photography

What makes you and your look unique?

Consider styles that are fitting to your personal canvas. Do you have long hair or short hair? Do you have a narrow or round face? Do you prefer style that slim on plump? Have a conversation with your stylist about your personal preferences. Also, make sure to choose a stylist with a diverse portfolio. You want to be sure that your stylist is able to make magic with your unique skin tone and hair texture as well as your bridesmaids, moms, and any others who will receive services. Be sure and communicate you’re your stylist about any allergies, skin sensitivities, or past product reactions you may have experienced.

Last, but not least, Make it Your Own!

It is your special day! It is so important that you do a test run before your wedding day and if you don’t feel as amazing as everyone is saying you look, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to make some adjustments until you feel absolutely perfect!