How to Attend a Bridal Show the Right Way

If you’ve been recently engaged you might be considering the idea of attending a bridal show. Bridal shows are one of the more fun things you will get to experience as a bride, but if you have never been to one before, then it may also be a bit overwhelming. Here are 10 great tips on how you can make the most of your experience and really make it count while also having a great time.

1. Register

Be sure to register with the show either in person or online. It is better to do it online if you can so that you can skip the registration line at the show. Either way you will want all of the great deals that you will surely find by registering. You will likely only have about 30 seconds of facetime with each vendor which is a very small window to receive the information you may need. Registering makes it easy for the vendors to send you all of the great deals you may have missed while at the show that way you don’t miss a beat! Not to mention the free stuff and the big prizes you can win.

2. Create an email especially for the show

Speaking of vendors sending stuff, it might not be a bad idea to create a new email purposed only for wedding communication. When vendors at the show ask for your email address only give them your wedding email. This will keep them from flooding your personal email with special offers. While most vendors are great about limiting their communicating, having to fish around for your personal emails can be a very annoying thing.

3. Create mailing labels

You may find yourself filling out small forms with the same information over and over again more than 20 times. This will be tiresome and will easily make your experience a lot less fun. Avoid this by creating a few pages of at least 100 adhesive mailing labels with you and your partner’s names, phone number, email address, mailing address, and wedding date (if decided). Each time you are given a form to fill out simply place a mailing sticker on the form and done!

4. Bring someone along

Of course, it is always a good idea to bring your partner with you, but it may also be a good idea to bring a close friend or family member along as well especially if your partner cannot make it. There will be lots to see, lots to do, and lots of goodies to carry. You will definitely need the help and more importantly the company. There are a ton of fun things you’ll be able to do there at the show and you will want someone there to experience it all with you. Just make sure the person you invite is also enjoyable.

5. Stand out

Now that you have invited someone to come along, it is important to make sure that you stand out and that vendors will know that you are the bride especially if you decide to bring an entourage. Knowing that you are the bride will grant you very special attention from all of the wedding pros. If you plan to attend the Wedding Festival in Charleston, then every bride there will receive a veil and bachelorette sash. Make sure to get yours!

6. Have a game plan

It is a good idea to walk down every aisle and to see every vendor’s booth, but if you have already booked some of your vendors prior to the show then it may be a good idea to have an idea of which vendors you still need and which vendors you will be looking for. These are the vendors whose information you want to be certain you get and whose special offers you want to know about.

7. Bring a small tote bag and your wallet, leave your purse

You will be given plenty of things to carry throughout the show and it would be nice to have a free hand, so if you carry a heavy purse like I do, then it may be best to leave it behind. Make sure to grab any essentials out of your purse such as your keys, wallet, and your phone. Instead of your purse, bring a small tote bag. The show will likely giveaway free tote bags so it is possible you may not need the one you bring. In that case just roll one up into the other, but sometimes they may run out of free bags to giveaway, and in that case, you do not want to be left without one. Believe me!

8. Bring your credit card

Make sure that you have your credit card and/or check book in case you find a vendor that you want to secure right away. Vendors, especially in Charleston, do tend to book very quickly and if you find one you love at the show you will want to secure your date as soon as possible.

9. Parking

Find out whether or not there will be a charge for parking at the show. And if there will be, find out the cost and bring cash to cover it if necessary.

10. Make sure you have time

Be prepared to spend at least 3-5 hours having fun… Wear comfortable shoes!