Hiring a Destination Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner will make fulfilling your destination wedding dream a breeze! Your destination wedding planner will guide you through the many details easing your stress and offering valuable advice along the way. The best ones will come with years of experience and all the right local connections.

Selecting a planner who is familiar with the area is key! They will be a wealth of information especially with things you cannot find by doing a simple internet search. Also, there are some times when flying out to your destination isn’t feasible maybe because of your schedule or it just isn’t in the budget. In these instances, your planner can walk you through a venue tour virtually or schedule video calls with your vendors.

Traditional destination planner duties include:

  • Helping to find and negotiate with the perfect vendors best suited for your needs.

  • Budget planning to curate a realistic expectation regarding the overall cost of your destination wedding.

  • Provide guidance based on local laws and permits needed as well as marriage license requirements, etc.

  • Assistance with travel planning so that your guests may travel with confidence.

  • Guidance in creating a timeline for the wedding weekend.

  • Coordinating wedding details with the venue and vendors.

  • And more!!!

Most planners will be pretty good at making your wedding look nice but you want to hire a planner with a team who can mediate and solve problems. Ask about their most memorable moments and a time or two when things did not go as planned. Try to get a feel for why they love what they do.

If you are planning for a destination that is not local to your planner, be sure to note that you will likely have to pay for his or her travel expenses. These costs can add up, but in most cases it is well worth it. Have your planner review these costs with you prior to signing a contract.