Weddings Post-COVID-19. What to Expect

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gatherings of 50 persons or less are recommended and federal guidelines propose no more than 10 persons. What does this mean for weddings after COVID?

As states are beginning to reopen, weddings are changing. The CDC continues to issue new guidance as businesses reopen and we adjust to new guidelines and restrictions put in place to protect your guests as well as vendors and staff.

Health and Safety Measures

Venues and vendors are taking added measures to address weddings and other events during the COVID-19 threat. Here are a few ways you can help to keep your wedding attendants safe:

  1. Find creative ways to promote frequent hand sanitizing

  2. Provide masks to be offered to your attendants

  3. Offer a plated meal versus a buffet and passed hors d’oeuvres versus a displayed appetizer

  4. Social distancing with tables seated by household

  5. Fewer guests, cut the venue’s capacity in half or fewer

  6. Seat immune-compromised guests with care

  7. Use contactless greetings and encourage your guests to do the same

  8. Entertain guests with performances and other less interactive libations

Communication with Guests

With many things still unknowns surrounding this pandemic, it is unclear how long these changes will continue and to what extent. Communication with your guests will be key! Be prepared to communicate frequently with your guests. A wedding website is a great way to get information to your guests such as common questions, updates, accommodations, and more! You can also encourage digital gift giving via an online registry which is another great way to minimize contact.

Streaming Your Wedding

If you are being forced to reduce your guest count or if you have some guests who are at-risk and should not come, consider making technology a part of your big day! Live streaming your wedding could be the perfect solution!

Prepare for Changes with your vendors

Your vendors are adjusting to these changes as well. Virtual meetings will become a new norm as well as home delivered tastings, and virtual tours. If your venue offers backup dates it may be a good idea to schedule a backup date with your venue as well. With a date change may come the need for “Change the Date” cards or some other creative way to announce your postponement to guests.

This Too Shall Pass

The good news is that after these few weeks of quarantining your loved ones are super excited and anxious to celebrate with you in person. We imagine that the wedding experience post-COVID will be heightened and extraordinary! Be sure and really take the time to enjoy it!