5 Unique Wedding Food Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

Long gone are the days of wedding clichés. Wedding traditions are being revamped, restyled, and it is awesome! And, one of the top things to go are traditional wedding foods. I have always felt that there is nothing more boring than a chicken breast at wedding reception. It is a massive wedding cliché as well as your common crab cake, quiche, and of course, let’s not forget the shrimp cocktail. Not anymore! Brides everywhere are making some very unexpected but awesomely appealing decisions about what will be served in their marriage celebrations. Here are just a few hot new wedding food trends sweeping the nation that are sure to be a real hit with your guests.

1. Pizza

Make it the biggest and best pizza party ever! Create a pizza buffet complete with all of your favorite toppings, because seriously, who doesn’t love pizza? And to add a little something special try creating a specialty pizza all your own; perhaps something that pairs well with your signature cocktail. Our friends at Towin the Dough are great at helping couples to customize their menu and give it some flair with something distinctive like a Spicy Thai Chicken pizza with spicy peanut sauce, chopped pecans, and thin shaved carrots. Yum!!!

2. Tacos

Here’s a question I bet that you could never really answer entirely. Why are tacos so good? Truly they are the most versatile comfort food there is. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a midnight snack, with chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, eggs, potatoes, and so much more. Talk about a SUPER FOOD! So, why not at your wedding? Taco bars are a lot of fun and they are easy and affordable. Nothing a little salsa can’t fix.

3. Late night snack

After tearing it up on the dance floor and knocking a few back, there is nothing more refreshing than a late night snack. Sweets and other treats or even a little fast food will solve a case of the munchies or the drunchies in no time. Lowcountry Party Flavors puts their own twist on the food truck wedding and they bring the after party to you. They bring their cart stocked to the brim with all things sweet, salty, and refreshing, and just like that yours just became the GREATEST WEDDING EVER!

4. Chicken and Waffles

I don’t know. Maybe this is just a personal favorite of mine, but who am I kidding, chicken and waffles is the best-known staple for southern urban living. Who can resist a fluffy golden waffle paired with crispy fried chicken? It’s a meal that is sure to hit the spot just right. For a little fun, try hanging your waffles in midair. Hanging food is a great wedding trend to follow in 2017.

5. Farm fresh

Choosing a caterer who specializes in farm to table gives a special touch. Work with your caterer to come up with a menu packed with the freshest ingredients like fresh picked mango salsa or a locally grown green salad or even locally caught seafood. These are all great ideas that will certainly add to the overall experience.