I T   A L L   S T A R T S   

W I T H   A   S P A R K

To us, a wedding is much more than a party with music and pretty flowers. It is the start of something truly amazing!

We work hard to eliminate much of the time, stress, and even some of the expense that comes with planning a wedding so that our clients can give more focus to enjoying their engagement. Our hope is that with less time spent planning, you'll spend more time together creating new experiences and continuing to date one another. Marriage is a wonderful but fragile thing. and we want to be a part of the community that holds our clients' together.  

- Felita Pinckney

Owner/ Lead Planner

About Us

From the moment you met to the moment you said yes it all began with a spark. We strive to ignite that spark into a flame for all to see on your wedding day. When you start with us, we start with your love story. We start with That Spark!

I T   A L L   S T A R T S   W I T H   A   S P A R K

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